Large Generator - Self Contained on Trailer

posted by TJR


Sumrall/Hattiesburg, MS, P.O. Box 179, Sumrall, MS 39482


Large Generator - Self Contained on Trailer

I don't know a lot about these, but this is an "Onan" Industrial/Commercial Gas Powered Generator, it has a 4 Cylinder "low-rpm" Onan Gas Engine, it has it's own Factory Self-Contained Fuel Tank built in under the trailer mounted frame, Locking Gas-Cap, LED Tailights on the trailer, it uses a standard 2" Ball to pull, Cable with Lock for the Trailer. it has a new muffler, carbeurator, plugs, points, condenser, distributor cap, plug wires and starter/solenoid. It has a good battery and tires, front tongue jack, and is well balanced and easy to maneuver and can be pulled by small vehicles, it has (4) 120 volt outlets and (1) type of 220 outlet with another type electrical box to hookup to a house, welders, air compressors or specialty items. All the Outlets have flip-up weather protector covers. It has a battery maintainer that goes with it when not being used, and a fresh $100 tank of non-ethanol fuel with treatment. I think it puts out appx. 15,000 Watts Total. The hour meter works and it shows 1010 hours. It has an on-board Onan battery charger with timer. The main display panel/board has gauges for the amps, volts, cycles, etc. It has an automatic overload safety kill switch.

I called an Onan Dealer and was told that these things last forever and that Onan is the oldest Generator maker of Industrial Generator Units around and this unit would be very expensive new.

Would be ideal for backup power, jobsites or a camp. (I was going to use this on a jobsite, but was told it was overkill and too large for the small power tools that were to be used)

I have hooked up (2) large electric power tools at once to it and it worked fine!

$3250.00 - or make me an offer, as I have no use for it now, (or what do you have to trade?)



$3,250.00 Negotiable